Mine is on the left, then Kasuma's, Natsuko's, and Yukiko's.

Japanese scriptures and wreath making

Leslie has been able to do a scripture reading at church a few times now, and I finally remembered to take a picture of it.  I’m increasingly in awe of his picking up Japanese so quickly.

After only three months of study, he can hold hours-long conversations in Japanese.  Whaaaaat?  I couldn’t even explain to my friends yesterday that I didn’t have an extra diaper.  (Seriously, it took about five minutes.  And I didn’t speak any Japanese during that.  I just got more and more frantic with my pantomime.  I may never show my face to them again.)

My friend Noriko’s mother in law showed us how to make Christmas wreaths yesterday, which turned out to be a lot of fun for this so-no-artistic gaijin.  They all laughed at me for concentrating so hard on my arrangement.  In the end, I was quite pleased with what I came up with!

Mine is on the left, then Kasuma’s, Natsuko’s, and Yukiko’s.

The kids had a blast.

Ta da! 楽しかったです!

3 thoughts on “Japanese scriptures and wreath making

  1. Very nice wreaths!
    Madeleine is missing from the kids’ picture.
    Why are they walking in the road. . . . (I know, the sidewalk is small).
    Did someone make the little Christmas trees in the first picture?

    • Thanks!
      Madeleine refused to join the kids for a picture. I didn’t want to create a huge fight in front of everyone.
      That’s actually not even a sidewalk, it’s a drainage system! Water goes through those holes and runs in a gutter underneath those concrete slabs. It always makes me nervous, because sometimes the slabs are loose. Only main roads have sidewalks here.
      I’m thinking that Noriko’s mother in law made the Christmas trees. She showed us a bunch of crafts that she’s done; one of her crafts was even photographed for a book!

    • By the way, Cambria is a little anal retentive about making sure she walks on the side furthest from traffic. You can rest a little easy in that. :)

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